Fixed Price Brake Replacement
Engine Front PadsFronts Pads
and Discs
Rear PadsRear Pads
and Discs
up to 1300cc£69.95£134.95£64.95£129.95
up to 1600cc£79.95£149.95£74.95£144.95
up to 1900cc£84.95£159.95£79.95£154.95
up to 2200cc£94.95£174.95£89.95£169.95
over 2200cc£99.95£184.95£94.95£179.95

Prices exclude sports, high performance, modified, utility, 4x4, commercial vehicles, brake discs that include wheel bearings, disc & drum combinations, wear sensors or electronic hand brakes. At participating centres only.

Price includes Parts, Labour and VAT. For further details contact your local branch.

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