Drive Shafts

This component is simply one that transmits the torque generated through the gearbox from the engine to the wheels in a rotating fashion, propelling the car forwards. The component is essential to the drive of the car so must be strong enough to withstand constant use.

Common front wheel drive vehicles have a central transaxle from the gearbox, then two drive shafts, one from each side extending out to the wheels. Four wheel drive vehicles similarly have these two wheel connecting drive shafts on both the front and rear axels. They also have an additional longer drive shaft running from the engine at the front to the rear transaxle and appropriate shafts.

On occasions the driveshaft may be put under stress and torque beyond its designed limited and can therefore break or come loose. Noticeable signs of a loosening or wearing drive shaft are a knocking noise from either side of your car, especially when driving around corners. We are able to visually check for corrosion and wear on your drive shafts. If you have any concerns regarding the drive shafts of your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact your local Mr Clutch Autocentre.