Head Gaskets

Head Gaskets are a component that sits between and seals the main engine block to the cylinder head in your vehicle. This seal is critical and maintains a consistent operating pressure in the engine.

On occasions a head gasket may fail to maintain this pressure and as a result will leak. In an extreme instance the gasket may actually crack, break or blow. The aforementioned damage will result in decreased engine pressure and a loss of power. Exhaust fumes could leak to the coolant system, causing an increased rate of engine wear and overheating. If leaks continue to occur before the repair takes place, the exhaust may start to steam and your catalytic converter may be damaged.

If you are suffering a loss of power in your vehicle along with the engine overheating, decreasing levels of engine coolant/engine oil or are experience excessive exhaust smoke and steam please contact us. We will arrange for your vehicle to be inspected and repair the head gaskets before major engine damage occurs.