Cambelt Price Matrix
Engine Single CamTwin CamFour Cam
up to 1300cc£179.95£224.95£269.95
up to 1600cc£204.95£249.95£294.95
up to 1900cc£234.95£279.95£324.95
up to 2200cc£259.95£304.95£349.95
over 2200cc£284.95£329.95£374.95

Price includes Parts, Labour and VAT, for further details, please call your local branch

How Cambelts Work

A vehicle's engine is a very fragile piece of equipment and requires constant lubrication, cooling and exact timing. Your cambelt controls the timing of your vehicle's engine - this is why some technicians may refer to your cambelt as a timing belt.

The cambelt coordinates the movement of the crankshaft and controls the timing between the engine valves and pistons which allows fuel to move in and gas to move out of the engine in an efficient and timely manner.

If your cambelt fails, the timing process is effectively ruined and there is a high risk of irreversible damage. Without the cambelt, the pistols move freely and separate the engine valves so a simple 'miss-time' can lead to a collision of these parts.

This may not sound serious but the implications of cambelt failure can be very expensive. In many instances, the vehicle owners may consider the value of the car and the worth in getting this work completed. In the most serious cases, the vehicle may be scrapped as a result of the high cost repairs. Think Smart - Cut Unnecessary Costs.

So, Mr Clutch believes it is invaluable to ensure you are aware of exactly how often your vehicle requires a cambelt replacement and to ensure this is maintained.

If you are able to provide your vehicle's details, Mr Clutch Autocentres will be able to obtain the necessary requirements for you. Feel free to contact your local centre for free, friendly, no-obligation advice.

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