Month: July 2016


Phew! It’s HOT! Beware of the bugs!

Phew! It’s HOT! Beware of the bugs! We always complain about typical British weather but, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, while we seem to be experiencing ‘extremes’ of climate these days, Summer 2016 has not been too bad…so far. There...

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Car battery jumper cables

Battery life is not just a winter issue

According to three of the UK’s most popular emergency motoring services, reports motoring writer Iain Robertson, call-outs to vehicles suffering battery problems have reached record levels in recent years. Motorcars and light vans produced over the past twenty years are...

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Torn tyre on the side of the road

It is not what you see on your vehicle’s tyres…

Car tyres are wonderfully resilient things, explains motoring journalist Iain Robertson, but they have to tolerate so many motoring foibles that simply checking the legal tread depth is only the start of tyre care. While you might find it unusual...

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Stresses and strains on the modern motorcar’s cam-belt

Smooth running of your vehicle’s engine is something that even the least sympathetic motorist desires, states motoring writer Iain Robertson, and while the clues might not be crystal-clear, the cam-belt’s age is a criterion. Engine technology is a fascinating subject....

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