Month: January 2017


Flywheel Damage? Repair, or replace, is the question

Among the ‘oily bits’ of the average manual gearbox car is a flywheel, highlights motoring journalist Iain Robertson, which he states can be quite costly to replace, although he has a solution to such expense. To be honest, the flywheel,...

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Locomotive engine

Flywheels And Dual Mass Flywheels

The flywheel is a metal disc which is fitted directly onto the crankshaft between the engine and the clutch. Its purpose is to help provide a smooth transfer of power from the engine to the drive train. In essence, the...

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Kumho Winter Craft WP51 tyre

Dispelling the ‘Winter Tyres’ myths

Contrary to popular opinion, ‘Winter Tyres’ are not just for better traction in snowy conditions, a factor that motoring journalist, Iain Robertson, is keen to support, having used various brands over the past 25 years on his own car. A...

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