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“We’re all going on a summer holiday!” but is your car ready for the trip?

Bags are packed, music is loaded, roof-rack is fitted…an increasing number of holidaymakers are taking road trips this year, reports journalist Iain Robertson, some with caravans, or trailers, in tow…then you remember the needs of your car. Preparing for the...

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What’s stopping you?

Without placing too fine a point on things, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, we rely totally on the modern braking systems of our motorcars but not having them checked, or serviced, regularly would be the same as ignoring primary safety....

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Mr Clutch Autocentres wants to keep its customers safe in winter

While believing in the ‘weather forecast’ may have led us into a state of mild complacency in seasons past, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, the recent spate of seriously bad weather has highlighted a need to be more aware. It...

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Car in garage on two post lift

A little bit of MoT planning never goes amiss

To those people running vehicles that are more than three years old, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, the annual roadworthiness test is a vital but sometimes horrific on-cost, even though it is an expectation. Punctures, oil leaks, clutches and other...

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Car repair checklist

The Great Britishness of tolerance

Known around the world as a largely polite nation, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, it is true to suggest that we possess remarkably high levels of tolerance, when it comes to customer service from the retail industry.. In virtually any...

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Rear exhaust

New Road Tax Hits Pockets of eco-conscious

Set to be introduced from next April 1st, writes motoring journalist, Iain Robertson, a new Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) regime will see operators of low-polluting cars bearing the brunt of the revised fees. For the past few years, motorists buying...

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Young couple in car

Running a car as a young driver

A car is unquestionably one of the most expensive things that you will pay as a young adult. The following is a list of primary costs that are involved in running your own car, as well as some tips on...

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Overtaking on the motorway

How to Overtake Safely

When you cruise along single-lane roads in the United Kingdom, you will inevitably find yourself behind a much slower vehicle. Whether it is a heavy lorry having trouble going up a hill, a learner driver, a tractor moving at a...

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Family getting out of car with rafters for the beach

Make Sure Your Car Doesn’t Ruin Your Staycation Escapade!

Now that the summer school holidays are only around the corner, we can start to think about indulging in a little holiday time! However, with prices raising throughout the month of August, and with families left with no other option...

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Cycling in London

Sharing the road

Whilst Britain is a lovely place to live, sometimes the roads can be a little bit chaotic to drive on. Especially for those who live in cities with cycling initiatives being pushed, it can become a bit chaotic in the...

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