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Summer is coming, recharge your air conditioning

Everyone’s gassing about air conditioning in warmer spring weather There was a time, when air conditioning and climate control within a car was considered to be the height of luxury, although Iain Robertson suggests it is more of a lifestyle...

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Receptionist handing customer their car keys

Avoiding bamboozlement is important to Mr Clutch Autocentres

We live in a world where initials often replace words and abbreviations are part and parcel of mobile communications, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, but equally jargon, or the use of technical words, can cause consumer confusion. Knowing how to...

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What’s stopping you?

Without placing too fine a point on things, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, we rely totally on the modern braking systems of our motorcars but not having them checked, or serviced, regularly would be the same as ignoring primary safety....

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car suspension damage repair

Damping without getting wet

Modern vehicle suspension systems consist of highly sophisticated components, highlights our motoring man, Iain Robertson, that operate largely out-of-sight but also aid personal health, comfort and the overall safety of the driver and passengers. In the earliest days of motorised...

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Pouring blue fluid into car engine

Checking the levels and being aware of the ‘MAX’

Ensuring that fluid levels are correct for the year-round reliability of your vehicle, motoring journalist Iain Robertson states that the only way to prevent a ruined summer holiday is to ensure that your car is in good health before going....

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Flywheel Damage? Repair, or replace, is the question

Among the ‘oily bits’ of the average manual gearbox car is a flywheel, highlights motoring journalist Iain Robertson, which he states can be quite costly to replace, although he has a solution to such expense. To be honest, the flywheel,...

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Locomotive engine

Flywheels And Dual Mass Flywheels

The flywheel is a metal disc which is fitted directly onto the crankshaft between the engine and the clutch. Its purpose is to help provide a smooth transfer of power from the engine to the drive train. In essence, the...

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Car battery jumper cables

Battery life is not just a winter issue

According to three of the UK’s most popular emergency motoring services, reports motoring writer Iain Robertson, call-outs to vehicles suffering battery problems have reached record levels in recent years. Motorcars and light vans produced over the past twenty years are...

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Stresses and strains on the modern motorcar’s cam-belt

Smooth running of your vehicle’s engine is something that even the least sympathetic motorist desires, states motoring writer Iain Robertson, and while the clues might not be crystal-clear, the cam-belt’s age is a criterion. Engine technology is a fascinating subject....

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Burnt-out husk of car

When honesty and quality take a back seat…beware!

When honesty and quality take a back seat…beware! With counterfeit products, parts and even entire vehicles placing strain on buying decisions, reports motoring writer, Iain Robertson, receiving straight service, with warranted components, becomes a financial priority. An in-depth survey, carried...

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