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Cambelt gear

So, you want a new car? Beware the fast-track depreciation!

The latest ‘16-plate’ is now with us and the inevitable waves of interest that lead to a desire to own a replacement, newer vehicle are all-around, states motoring journalist, Iain Robertson, although he urges caution.. While the idea of owning...

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Graphic of crosshair on iris

Eye controlled headlights

It sounds like technology that James Bond would have as an aftermarket extra on his Aston Martin in the forthcoming film Spectre. Amazingly, it’s actually real – headlight beams that you control with your eyes. Developed by Vauxhall, the system...

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Car battery

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Car Battery Stops

There are different types of maintenance and care that are expected with your vehicle. Your battery is one of the areas to watch to keep your car running. The battery is responsible for feeding the transmission and engine so your...

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Tyre tread

6 Reasons to Switch Tyres during the Winter Season

During the colder months of the year, it is important that you switch to winter tyres from your summer tyres. The former have properties that are different from the latter that can make driving in icy and wet conditions safer....

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Monitoring tyre pressure

Maintain Your Tyre Pressure Monitoring System to Avoid a Failed MOT

Advances in technology continue to make people's lives safer, and this is particularly true when it comes to vehicular safety. Consider tyre pressure. In the past, you would have to check your tyre pressure manually, and so it was much...

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Clutch Maintenance: Helping You Avoid Costly Repairs in the Future

For most people, they treat their car like a baby, providing it with the care and pampering that is needed to stay in its best shape through the years. Nonetheless, there are some who often ignore the importance of maintenance...

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Check engine light

What Exactly Does the ‘Check Engine’ Light Mean?

If you have been driving for a while now, you may have experienced blinking ‘check engine’ lights, and admit it…you have tried ignoring it! Since you really don’t know what is going on and the car that you are driving...

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What’s a Cambelt?

The most important maintenance item in your vehicle is the engine’s Cambelt (also known as a Timing Belt). A Cambelt is often ribbed and is placed in the car’s engine to keep the camshaft and crank timed as it should...

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Car coolant level

How and why you should check your coolant regularly

While you might not be too interested in becoming a car mechanic in your spare time, it’s sill vital that you know how to deal with certain aspects of your car. And one of those aspects is checking your vehicles...

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MOT ready Mr Clutch poster

Getting a vehicle ready for its MOT

If your car or van is due to have an MOT within the next few weeks, it is well worth your while getting it ready for the test. In the UK, one in five cars fails the MOT first time...

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