Category: Technical

Mr Clutch mechanic replacing car brake

Signs your brakes need to be checked

Brakes are not the most glamorous part of your car, but keeping them well-maintained is integral to the safe driving and operation of your vehicle. If you need to stop suddenly while going 60 miles an hour, you will need...

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Car tax stickers

Changes to the Car Tax system

Since 1921 car tax discs have been issued to UK drivers in the millions. We have displayed the small round paper disc in our windscreen’s to show we’ve paid our car tax as requested to do so by law. However,...

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Man checking underneath the bonnet

Top tips for looking after your car in summer

Proper maintenance of your car is essential all year round, and people will often talk about the importance of looking after your car during winter. Sometimes people tend to forget however, that the summer months can put just as much,...

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