Woman scraping ice off car with a brush

Looking after your car in the winter

One of the most annoying things about living in the United Kingdom, whether it’s Glasgow or Kent, is that the vast majority of the country seems to grind to a halt in the face of even the smallest amounts of...

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Vintage car out in winter

Considerations when storing your Classic Car for the winter

Getting your car ready for winter is important to maintain its pristine condition and preventing any problems come springtime. There are several parts of a classic vehicle that need to be given more consideration than your average modern car when...

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Rusting cambelt

Cambelt maintenance

Cambelt failures are commonly the cause of the most expensive repair work that goes through any garage. There is no logical reason for this but they are often overlooked when carrying out annual services or vehicle maintenance. Being aware and...

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Man checking underneath the bonnet

Top tips for looking after your car in summer

Proper maintenance of your car is essential all year round, and people will often talk about the importance of looking after your car during winter. Sometimes people tend to forget however, that the summer months can put just as much,...

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Don’t get caught out with faulty air-con this summer

When it was first introduced, having air conditioning in your car was seen to be a luxury option, only available to those paying a premium price tag. Times have changed though, and today air conditioning is seen as a standard...

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