When the time comes for an MOT or service for your Citroën, choose Mr Clutch. You may own a C3, C4, C5, Xsara, Saxo, Xantia or any of a wide range of old or current models from this popular French manufacturer. Regardless, we have the expertise to carry out a high standard of servicing that also protects your warranty.

Mr Clutch is one of the UK's leading clutch, brake and transmission specialists. We have seasoned and knowledgeable technicians who can provide every service from clutch replacement and gearbox repair to brake checking and that all-important annual MOT.

Did you know that "Block Exemption" laws in Europe allow your Citroën to be serviced by an independent garage like Mr Clutch, without the warranty being made invalid? This - along with our competitive prices and 12 months parts and labour guarantee - helps to make Mr Clutch a highly attractive alternative to your main dealer.

Citroën Car Servicing

As a Citroën owner, you might require something simple like an oil change, or perhaps a Winter Safety Inspection or checks on your car's general wear and tear. Our several available levels of servicing allow for your exact needs to be catered for, at a price that you can afford. The right standard of servicing is vital for keeping your car on the road, and it's convenient to book your next Citroën service online with us.

Citroën MOT

If your Citroën is more than three years old, you will need to book an MOT for it each year. More than half of our UK autocentres are MOT test centres, and you can find the closest one to you via our local centres page, before booking immediately online. Having your MOT carried out at Mr Clutch means potentially great savings, thanks to the discount vouchers offered by many of our MOT test centres. In addition, there's no obligation to have your Citroën repaired by us if it fails its test, which is carried out by fully trained, qualified testers.

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