The trusty Jeep brand has always been synonymous with a certain American ruggedness, although the manufacturer also has plenty of fans in the UK. If you own a model of Jeep like the Wrangler 4x4, Grand Cherokee 4x4, Compass Crossover or any of a wide range of long-discontinued models, you'll want to have it serviced by a reputable garage.

Although many owners may turn to their main dealer, others are realising the benefits of having their next Jeep MOT or service performed by an independent garage like Mr Clutch.

Not only could we do the work cheaper than your main dealer, but thanks to European "Block Exemption" laws that were altered in 2003, as well as our use of genuine 'Original Equipment' (OE) parts, we can do so without voiding your warranty.

Remember that Mr Clutch also offers a 12 month parts and labour guarantee, giving even more peace of mind when you choose us for MOT and servicing.

Jeep Car Servicing

To ensure that your Jeep remains roadworthy for many years to come, you should ensure that it is regularly serviced. While you may sometimes only need a simple oil change, there may be other times when you require a more comprehensive service, covering brake and gearbox fluid checks, suspension reviews, spark plug replacement and more. Our several levels of servicing allow for your needs to be met at a price point that suits you.

Jeep MOT

For any Jeep that is over three years old, an annual MOT will be required, and a great number of Mr Clutch's autocentres across the country also have MOT testing facilities - so your service and MOT can take place at the same site. Our MOT tests cover interior checks, exterior checks, under the bonnet checks, under the vehicle checks and a look at the car's electronics, all to ensure that minimum safety requirements are met. From our use of well-trained and certified testers to automated testing lanes at some of our branches, there are many good reasons to take your Jeep to Mr Clutch for its next MOT.

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