2017-02-28 12:41:01

Good service, on time and good value.

2017-02-27 07:58:06

The service provided during my MOT was excellent, and the staff very friendly.

2017-02-26 19:03:18

Very helpful, no problems with any aspect of service or care

Your ONE STOP workshop

Whether it's a major service or just a simple oil change we can cater for your car servicing needs.

At Mr Clutch we pride ourselves on remembering our customers’ requirements and budgets, which is why we offer 5 levels of vehicle servicing – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Plus and Gold Plus Extra. We operate a fixed price car service schedule based on engine size.

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Mr Clutch Autocentres

The Mr Clutch brand is nationally recognised as one of the premier autocentre groups in England. We have over forty branches across the country providing a wide range of garage services; these include the fitting of clutches, brakes and manual transmissions. We are also able to carry out full car servicing, general repairs and, in selected centres, MOT testing..
Mr Clutch rating: 4.7 based on 730 ratings
Engine Size Bronze
Oil & Filter
Major & MOT
up to 1300cc £44.95 £84.95 £139.95 £174.95 £189.95
with MOT
up to 1600cc £49.95 £89.95 £149.95 £184.95 £199.95
with MOT
up to 1900cc £54.95 £94.95 £159.95 £194.95 £209.95
with MOT
up to 2200cc £59.95 £99.95 £179.95 £214.95 £229.95
with MOT
over 2200cc £64.95 £104.95 £219.95 £254.95 £269.95
with MOT

*Additional charges will apply where Fully Synthetic Oil is needed for your vehicle, and this can be added when booking online.*

What's covered Bronze SILVER GOLD GOLD
Fit protective covers
Check condition of number plates, exterior mirrors & trims
Check correct clutch operation (manuals only)
Check and top up all under bonnet levels (using correct fluids)
Carry out battery and alternator test
Carry out brake fluid test and report
Check and top up gearbox and differential oil levels
Replace engine oil and oil filter (extra charge for fully synthetic oil)
Check operation and condition of all exterior lights and horn
Check condition of PAS, auxiliary and fan belts (not timing belt)
Check operation and condition of washers and wipers
Check and record antifreeze protection level
Check and report on condition and operation of front brakes
Check and report on condition and operation of rear brakes
Check exhaust system for security and leaks
Check all steering and suspension joints for condition and security
Check all mountings and gaitors for condition and security
Check and report condition of tyres including spare
Adjust tyre pressures as required including spare
Check handbrake operation and travel
Stamp customers service book
Replace spark plugs (platinum plugs additional cost)
Replace air filter
Check operation of throttle cable and lubricate as required
Visually check condition of HT leads and support
Check security of fuel lines, brake pipes and handbrake cables
Check condition of windscreen and security of rear view mirror
Carry out under body inspection
Check all wheel bearings for noise, roughness and excessive free play
Lubricate all under bonnet catches
Check operation of all interior warning lamps
Check engine and gearbox mounts for wear
Carry out suspension bounce test
Reset service lights (most models)
Check pollen/cabin filter (optional at extra cost)
Replace fuel filter (diesel engines)
Replace fuel filter (petrol engines)
Lubricate all door catches and locks as required
Check operation of all interior switches
Check condition and security of fuel cap
Test starter motor cranking operation and security
Visually inspect radiator and coolant pipes/hoses for security for leaks
Check engine cooling fan for operation
Carry out road test
Annual privilege card membership (existing card holders get free renewal)
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Servicing generally takes place in three or four different forms, oil and filter change, interim service and a full or major service. The single most important thing that a person can do to prolong the life and performance of their car is to have an oil and filter change once a year or every six to twelve thousand miles.

By changing the oil you reduce the chance of wear on engine components. The oil filter needs to be changed at the same time because oil carries dirt and particles that clog up the filter which will ultimately reduce the life of the engine and its efficiency.

The more intense the service the more parts and components will be checked, to some extent all levels of servicing will help in the following:

  • Saving you money- Preventing untimely breakdowns
  • Increasing your MPG (i.e. make your fuel last longer)
  • Increase your all round general vehicle safety
  • Keeping within legal requirements

"Servicing your car can save you more than £100 on fuel each year"

At Mr Clutch we recommend having our major Gold Plus service once a year to fully ensure that your vehicle is running to its optimum efficiency. This will help stop unexpected breakdowns and allow you to better plan for your vehicle maintenance through the year.

If you would like any further advice on servicing please contact your local Mr Clutch Autocentre, they will be more than happy to assess your servicing requirements.

What is Block Exemption?

The Block Exemption Regulation was brought in to allow customers to have their vehicles repaired without invalidating their warranties.

As stated in the Right To Repair campaign, "The Block Exemption Regulation includes elements that give the consumer the freedom to choose where they have their vehicle maintained without negating manufacturer's warranties. To enable repairs to be made, the vehicle manufacturer under the Block Exemption Regulation should make technical information freely available to the independent market."

What does this mean for the consumer?

Basically, this means that providing the independent garage you are using, such as Mr Clutch, use original parts or parts of matching quality, then the consumer no longer needs to pay the high prices that dealers demand and the customer's warranty will remain completely valid with the dealer.

Mr Clutch only use new, quality vehicle parts. If you wish to maintain your vehicle with Mr Clutch during the warranty period, you can do so without invalidating the warranty.

The cold weather and dark mornings appear to now signal the impending return of the winter season. Christmas is now just around the corner and preparations seem well underway with the first carols now being broadcasted in retail outlets throughout the country.

With this period comes an ever-growing 'to-do' list. Gifts, food, travel arrangements, who goes where; these are just some of the tasks that accompany the festive season which leaves little time to even consider other necessary preparations.

The car appears to become even more of an integral part of everyone's lives during this time of year but the impact of the wet and cold conditions sometimes goes unnoticed.

Is your car ready for winter?

While sun is not expected in any British summer, we can anticipate an array of bad weather conditions will batter the nation through the great British winter. A time which appears to serve only to make life just that bit more difficult for us all.

At Mr Clutch we understand that you may not have the time to perform these vehicle checks and we appreciate the importance of having your vehicle ready for the winter. In line with this, we have developed the Mr Clutch 12 Point Winter Safety Inspection. This year we are providing an exclusive promotion in which you will receive a Winter Safety Inspection with any service that you purchase. Furthermore, if you just want a Winter Safety Inspection rather than our service options, you can purchase one for just £19.99!

12 point winter car check

Let us take the hassle out of motoring and check that your car is fully prepared for winter. Please contact your local branch for further information or to arrange your Winter Safety Inspection.

  • Carry out a battery and alternator test on your vehicle
  • Check all exterior lights
  • Check radiator anti-freeze level
  • Check tyre tread depth
  • Top-up tyre pressure to the correct level
  • Carry out a visual inspection for coolant leaks
  • Check fan belt
  • Check the condition or wiper blades
  • Check engine oil level
  • Check power steering fluid level
  • Check brake fluid level
  • Top-up washer bottle with the correct mix screenwash