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Got a question about the services that we offer? We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) to try and help. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact the team at your nearest Mr Clutch Autocentre who will be happy to help, you can find their contact number using our Branch Locator Tool.

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Can I get a service at Mr Clutch Autocentres without invalidating my manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes you can! As we use only OE spec parts (see other FAQ for more on this) EU Block Exemption laws mean that you can have your car serviced outside of dealership/manufacturer networks, without invalidating your warranty. You do need to follow your manufacturer’s service schedule and keep detailed records of servicing, and can find out more about this by searching ‘EU Block Exception laws’ online before you book.

I’ve booked a service – what time do I need to get to the branch?

We ask that if you have booked a service with us you bring your vehicle to the branch before 10:00am. If you have booked a repair with us, such as a clutch or cambelt replacement, we ask you to bring your vehicle in at 08:30am.

Can I wait while the MOT / service is carried out?

The majority of our Autocentres are equipped with waiting areas, which can be used whilst waiting for your car to have its MOT or service.

How can I book an MOT or service?

You can book an MOT or service using the relevant pages on our website, detailed below:

What happens if my vehicle fails its MOT? / What is the process for an MOT retest? / How much does an MOT retest cost?

In the unfortunate instance that your vehicle fails its MOT test, we do offer a free retest, providing that you have the remedial work carried out at the same branch that carried out your original MOT within 10 working days. If you decide to have the remedial work carried out elsewhere, you may be charged for a retest, and this fee can vary across branches.

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