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At Mr Clutch Autocentres we pride ourselves on being clutch specialists, it’s even in our name, and we’ve carried out over 1 million clutch replacements and repairs since 1978.

As clutch specialists, we only use the highest quality parts available, which is why our clutch replacements come with a nationwide 2 year or 20,000 mile warranty for non-commercial vehicles and a 1 year or 12,000 mile warranty for commercial vehicles. We’re also so confident that we cannot be beaten on price, that we boast a price promise, meaning that we’ll match a like for like clutch replacement quotation should you find the same quote cheaper elsewhere, even up to 7 days after your invoice date, giving you real peace of mind!

Is there a specialist clutch replacement centre near me?

With over 40 branches nationwide we’re likely to have a clutch centre near you! Simply fill out the enquiry form below or use our branch locator page to find our local specialist clutch replacement centre near you.

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How do I know if my clutch needs replacing?

If you experience any of the following symptoms then the clutch in your vehicle may need replacing. If you do experience any of these symptoms, bring your vehicle to your local Mr Clutch Autocentre, and one of our expert technicians will be able to perform a free clutch check to diagnose the cause of the problem.

  • Clutch Judder

    Symptoms: Severe low frequency vibration

    Causes: Loose or worn engine mountings, misalignment of engine to gearbox, uneven operation of clutch arm, oil contaminated facings, defective pressure plate, defective driven plate, scored or glazed flywheel, worn spigot bearing

  • Clutch Slip

    Symptoms: Engine accelerating without giving a corresponding increase in vehicle speed, a burning smell, and vehicle will not drive up steep hills.

    Causes: Incorrect clutch adjustments, partial seizure of linkage or fouling of pedal preventing the full return of the linkage, worn clutch facings, oil contaminated facings, defective pressure plate and/or broken springs, partially seized mechanism.

  • Clutch Drag

    Symptoms: Difficulty in engaging first gear from neutral without making noise, a jolt when changing gear with the vehicle in motion, and vehicle moves when pedal is fully depressed.

    Causes: Incorrect clutch adjustments or lack of fluid in the hydraulic operating system, worn hydraulic system, oil contaminated facings, defective driven plate, buckled plate or seizure on spines, seized spigot bearing, worn spigot or dual mass flywheel defective.

  • Clutch Fierceness

    Symptoms: A sudden move of the vehicle though the pedal is being gradually released.

    Causes: Partial seizure of linkage or fouling of pedal preventing the full return of the linkage, uneven operation of the clutch arm, worn hydraulic system, oil contaminated driven plate, misalignment of engine to gearbox, worn spigot bearing.


In case you are in any doubt that your clutch is actually faulty, we will complete a free clutch check while-you-wait. Through our expert diagnosis we will be able to tell if your clutch is faulty before we start any work on your vehicle. If you think that you are having problems with your clutch just bring your vehicle along to any of our autocentres and one of our skilled technicians will check out the problem with no obligation for a repair. It will only take a few minutes so there is no need to book, just visit your local autocentre during opening hours.

  • Clutch Warranty

We pioneered the two year or 20,000 mile nationwide warranty and this is offered as standard at all of our branches across the UK on every clutch except vehicles for commercial use i.e. Taxis, Driving Schools, Light Commercials which carry a warranty period of 1 year or 12,000 miles. As our warranty is nationwide, you are covered by all of our branches across the United Kingdom; wherever you travel you and your vehicle can be safe in the knowledge that help is at hand.

On modern vehicles it is becoming increasingly common that when a clutch is replaced the concentric slave cylinder (CSC) also requires replacement.

The assembly of a concentric slave cylinder is structured to allow it to operate directly in front of the clutch cover.

This new technology allows direct hydraulic load to be applied to the clutch via the master cylinder and concentric slave cylinder. As a result providing less pedal pressure, eliminating the potential loss of bearing travel caused by wear commonly associated in traditional linkage or cable type systems.

At Mr Clutch we recommend fitting a new concentric slave cylinder whenever performing a clutch replacement in vehicles where these units are used. Failure to do so may cause damage to the new clutch, resulting in expensive rework.

Advantages of CSCs:

  • Lighter pedal pressures allowing a more comfortable drive
  • Self adjusting system prolonging the life of your clutch
  • Less moving parts which means there are less items to wear or fail.

The flywheel is a metal disc which is fitted directly onto the crankshaft between the engine and the clutch. Its purpose is to help provide a smooth transfer of power from the engine to the drive train. In essence, the flywheel gives your vehicle enhanced momentum and a smoother driving experience.

Indications of a worn flywheel are:

  • Visible Grooves
  • Visible glazing and/or cracks

We, along with the leading clutch manufacturers worldwide, recommend that whenever a clutch is renewed, your flywheel should be inspected and, where necessary, skimmed or replaced.

Dual Mass Flywheel

Most new vehicles now come fitted with dual mass flywheels. These are essential components that allow an enhanced performance in the vehicles drivability. Additionally, these new components reduce harmful vibration.

A worn dual mass flywheel will affect the performance and efficiency of the new clutch and almost certainly result in premature failure.

Indications of a worn Dual Mass Flywheel are:

  • Irregular noises
  • Vibration
  • Intermittent clutch slip

A standard clutch assembly comprises of several different parts that fit together and assist in helping you to change gear and pull away smoothly. These are the clutch cover, clutch plate, pressure plate, clutch fork, clutch cable or hydraulic system and bearing. There is one other vital component called the flywheel that sits next to the engine and this helps keep the clutch and engine spinning at the same time.

When you are driving and your foot is off the pedal, springs force the pressure plate to push the clutch plate against the flywheel. Because there is a high level of friction between the clutch plate and flywheel this keeps the engine and clutch turning over at the same speed.

When you press the clutch down, the clutch cable or hydraulic system pushes the clutch fork forward, which in turn presses the bearing onto the diaphragm in the clutch cover. The diaphragm then pulls the pressure plate away from the clutch plate which disengages the clutch from the flywheel and engine allowing you to change gear.

Infographic of a clutch

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