The tiny Smart car may have caused amusement in some quarters when it debuted, but in a world in which space is at an ever-greater premium, this cute little vehicle continues to enjoy a very strong following.

When you need to have your Smart car serviced or MOT tested, whether your model is a Fortwo Coupe, Fortwo Cabriolet, Forfour hatchback or even the Roadster, contact Mr Clutch.

We are an independent garage that only uses genuine parts of an 'Original Equipment' (OE) standard. That, combined with 2003 "Block Exemption" regulations, means that we can carry out servicing and repairs to the same standard as your main dealer, but at a lower price and without invalidating your warranty and you get a 12 months part and labour warranty.

Smart Car Servicing

Servicing will always have an important role in keeping your car on the road. It keeps your car legal, boosts its all-round safety and fuel efficiency and helps to save you money through the prevention of unexpected and sudden breakdowns.

Our ranges of servicing levels allow you to have the work that you want to have done on your Smart, at a price that makes sense. Allow us to replace the oil on your car, or check for signs of general wear and tear. We can also replace spark plugs, review a car's suspension and carry out checks on the gearbox and brake fluids.

Smart MOT

You are legally required to book your Smart for an MOT test once it is at least three years old. By reviewing our local centres page, you can see which ones also have MOT test facilities. With Mr Clutch boasting more than 45 autocentres across the UK, there's sure to be an MOT test centre near you.

MOTs at Mr Clutch are often extremely competitively priced thanks to the discount vouchers that we can offer, while tests can also be done in no more than 45 minutes at some of our sites, where automated test lanes may be present.

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