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Mr Clutch mechanic carrying out Brake Pads and Brake Discs replacement on a blue car in a garage

What’s stopping you?

Without placing too fine a point on things, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, we rely totally on the modern braking systems of our motorcars but not having them checked, or serviced, regularly would be the same as ignoring primary safety....

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Line of multiple cars parked up covered in layers of heavy snow

Mr Clutch Autocentres wants to keep its customers safe in winter

While believing in the ‘weather forecast’ may have led us into a state of mild complacency in seasons past, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, the recent spate of seriously bad weather has highlighted a need to be more aware. It...

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Man inspecting his car engine in winter

Preparing your car for the worst of winter’s onslaught

It is the weatherman’s fault, suggests motoring journalist Iain Robertson, who feels that ‘crying wolf’ on the climate front should not be a reason to ignore planning for Arctic chills, icy roads, frozen washer-bottles and a commute-inhibiting snowfall. We have...

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Pouring blue fluid into car engine

Checking the levels and being aware of the ‘MAX’

Ensuring that fluid levels are correct for the year-round reliability of your vehicle, motoring journalist Iain Robertson states that the only way to prevent a ruined summer holiday is to ensure that your car is in good health before going....

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Brake disc

Keep your foot off the brakes, for an ‘arresting’ performance

It’s’s is your car, which can be made even hotter if you do not plan how and when to use your car’s brakes, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, who knows the perils of poor braking performance. Cars are...

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Mr Clutch mechanic replacing car brake

Signs your brakes need to be checked

Brakes are not the most glamorous part of your car, but keeping them well-maintained is integral to the safe driving and operation of your vehicle. If you need to stop suddenly while going 60 miles an hour, you will need...

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