Category: Summer Driving

Mechanic rolling a single tyre with gloves on in front of a white car, in a garage

Summer tyre change is not change for change’s sake

With summer holidays pending, many of which will place a high reliance on your motor vehicle, writes Iain Robertson, you have a perfect opportunity to take a closer look at its tyres for both wear and possible damage; better to...

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Aircon AC light illuminated while turned on

Summer is coming, recharge your air conditioning

Everyone’s gassing about air conditioning in warmer spring weather There was a time, when air conditioning and climate control within a car was considered to be the height of luxury, although Iain Robertson suggests it is more of a lifestyle...

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Red warning triangle placed on a road in front of a family loading their car for a summer road trip

“We’re all going on a summer holiday!” but is your car ready for the trip?

Bags are packed, music is loaded, roof-rack is fitted…an increasing number of holidaymakers are taking road trips this year, reports journalist Iain Robertson, some with caravans, or trailers, in tow…then you remember the needs of your car. Preparing for the...

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Kids waving outside car window in summer

Have less stress and drive ‘easy’ this holiday!

It’s holiday time! The customary seasonal madness is happening right now, writes our motoring man, Iain Robertson, as he ponders over some practical, helpful hints to make your motoring vacation as problem-free as possible. Unless you catch a cab, have...

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Brake disc

Keep your foot off the brakes, for an ‘arresting’ performance

It’s’s is your car, which can be made even hotter if you do not plan how and when to use your car’s brakes, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, who knows the perils of poor braking performance. Cars are...

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Vehicle climate control

Air-con re-gassing is not all hot air

Although the gas in your vehicle’s air-con, or climate control system, has a notional life expectancy (due to leakages) of around two years, motoring journalist Iain Robertson recommends replenishing it annually, for added safety and health. There was a time,...

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Car wash

Time for a change…warmer weather’s on the way (believe it!)

After a horrible, dank and dark winter, we are all looking forward to the longer, warmer days of springtime, writes Iain Robertson, but there are a number of important aspects for you to consider for your vehicle’s well-being. Despite the...

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Phew! It’s HOT! Beware of the bugs!

Phew! It’s HOT! Beware of the bugs! We always complain about typical British weather but, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, while we seem to be experiencing ‘extremes’ of climate these days, Summer 2016 has not been too bad…so far. There...

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Family getting out of car with rafters for the beach

Make Sure Your Car Doesn’t Ruin Your Staycation Escapade!

Now that the summer school holidays are only around the corner, we can start to think about indulging in a little holiday time! However, with prices raising throughout the month of August, and with families left with no other option...

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Monitoring tyre pressure

Check Those Tyres before Going on a Caravan Break

As summer months near, a lot of us are already planning what we will do during the holidays. One of the most common activities that are scheduled for the summer is a caravan break. In the UK alone, there are...

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