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Diagram to explain what is nearside N/S/F N/S/R or offside O/S/F O/S/R for a right-hand drive UK vehicle

What are the nearside and offside for vehicles in the UK?

The terms nearside and offside are commonly used in the motor trade, but what do they actually mean? They’re commonly seen on MOT certificates, servicing checklists and garage invoices relating to tyres, brakes and bulbs, in order to indicate each...

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Car battery jumper cables

Battery life is not just a winter issue

According to three of the UK’s most popular emergency motoring services, reports motoring writer Iain Robertson, call-outs to vehicles suffering battery problems have reached record levels in recent years. Motorcars and light vans produced over the past twenty years are...

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Mechanic underneath car

Improving our garage experience

Mr Clutch continuously strives to improve the overall experience when visiting our Garages. As part of this commitment we have partnered with specialist Business IT Support Company - MPR IT Solutions Limited based in Ashford Kent. MPR provide an award...

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Diesel price at petrol station

The Diesel vs. Petrol debate continues

As pump fuel prices continue to scale upwards again, motoring journalist Iain Robertson asks, if given the choice, would he opt for one, or the other, fuel type for his next car and his response might be surprising. For many...

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Car repair checklist

The Great Britishness of tolerance

Known around the world as a largely polite nation, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, it is true to suggest that we possess remarkably high levels of tolerance, when it comes to customer service from the retail industry.. In virtually any...

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Burnt-out husk of car

When honesty and quality take a back seat…beware!

When honesty and quality take a back seat…beware! With counterfeit products, parts and even entire vehicles placing strain on buying decisions, reports motoring writer, Iain Robertson, receiving straight service, with warranted components, becomes a financial priority. An in-depth survey, carried...

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Totalled Mazda

Drivers! Beware of your passengers!

Drivers! Beware of your passengers! Following a national research programme carried out by a leading insurer, writes motoring journalist, Iain Robertson, an insight to driver safety issues has arisen, which places the emphasis on a passenger’s shoulders.. None of us...

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Rear exhaust

New Road Tax Hits Pockets of eco-conscious

Set to be introduced from next April 1st, writes motoring journalist, Iain Robertson, a new Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) regime will see operators of low-polluting cars bearing the brunt of the revised fees. For the past few years, motorists buying...

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Cambelt gear

So, you want a new car? Beware the fast-track depreciation!

The latest ‘16-plate’ is now with us and the inevitable waves of interest that lead to a desire to own a replacement, newer vehicle are all-around, states motoring journalist, Iain Robertson, although he urges caution.. While the idea of owning...

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Graphic of crosshair on iris

Eye controlled headlights

It sounds like technology that James Bond would have as an aftermarket extra on his Aston Martin in the forthcoming film Spectre. Amazingly, it’s actually real – headlight beams that you control with your eyes. Developed by Vauxhall, the system...

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