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Rain drops on windshield overlooking intersection

Preparing for Winter: Looking After Your Battery and Tyres

Winter is coming, and while we might be safe from White Walkers and ten years of cold, there are still plenty of dangers on the road. Things like black ice and sluggish batteries fall to the back of our mind...

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Mechanic wheeling away a tyre in a workshop

Summer tyre change is not change for change’s sake

With summer holidays pending, many of which will place a high reliance on your motor vehicle, writes Iain Robertson, you have a perfect opportunity to take a closer look at its tyres for both wear and possible damage; better to...

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Preparing for winter might save money but will also enhance safety

None of us can deny that summer 2018 has been memorable for mostly the right reasons, writes Iain Robertson, although seasonal changes being what they are, we now need to look forward to darker commutes and more slippery road surfaces....

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Receptionist handing customer their car keys

Avoiding bamboozlement is important to Mr Clutch Autocentres

We live in a world where initials often replace words and abbreviations are part and parcel of mobile communications, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, but equally jargon, or the use of technical words, can cause consumer confusion. Knowing how to...

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Tyre leaving behind a tyre track in the snow

It’s that time again…prepare to fit Winter Tyres to your vehicle!

A long-time advocate of fitting winter, or ‘low temperature’, tyres to his own car, motoring journalist Iain Robertson understands the benefits, the primary of which is vastly improved road safety through greater grip, despite a lack of snow and ice....

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Kumho Winter Craft WP51 tyre

Dispelling the ‘Winter Tyres’ myths

Contrary to popular opinion, ‘Winter Tyres’ are not just for better traction in snowy conditions, a factor that motoring journalist, Iain Robertson, is keen to support, having used various brands over the past 25 years on his own car. A...

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BMW tyre

Improving the contact patch

No matter how you view it, vehicle tyres are linked inextricably with road safety, a factor about which motoring journalist, Iain Robertson, feels very strongly as he extols the virtue of checking your tyres more regularly. Although it did not...

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Tyre tread

6 Reasons to Switch Tyres during the Winter Season

During the colder months of the year, it is important that you switch to winter tyres from your summer tyres. The former have properties that are different from the latter that can make driving in icy and wet conditions safer....

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Punctured tyre

Can my punctured tyre be repaired?

What could be more frustrating than getting a puncture just a few days after you’ve purchased your tyre? It’s even more infuriating when it’s the busy time of the week and all your important business meetings are scheduled on the...

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Monitoring tyre pressure

Maintain Your Tyre Pressure Monitoring System to Avoid a Failed MOT

Advances in technology continue to make people's lives safer, and this is particularly true when it comes to vehicular safety. Consider tyre pressure. In the past, you would have to check your tyre pressure manually, and so it was much...

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