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Notepad with a checklist highlighting 5 blank New Year Resolutions

New Year, New You, Better Car Care

It's that time of year again, when we go back to work after a long Christmas rest, but also when we make our New Year's resolutions. This year, instead of saying you want to give up the things you love...

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Mechanic holding a spanner whilst checking for Damper leaks and broken Springs on a tyre

Go beyond the ‘bounce test’ to check for damper leaks and broken springs

Almost ‘hidden’, unless you read each line of a Mr Clutch Autocentre comprehensive servicing checklist, writes Iain Robertson, it is an unfortunate fact of modern motoring life that dampers and springs wear out and even break without warning. Driving along...

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Mechanic replacing Brake Pads and Brake Discs on a car

Servicing the brakes is the best way to ensure that you stop short of problems

When contemplating Mr Clutch Autocentres and their wide range of motoring services, writes Iain Robertson, while they slot perfectly into the ‘fast-fit’ classification, they might be described more fairly as a ‘motoring safety centre’. Often referred to as ‘the anchors’,...

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Car with headlights on driving on heavy, snowing condition

Winter places our vehicle’s components under intense pressure

Whether it be lighting, the air-conditioning system, or the electrical components, the number of vehicle failures grows out of proportion at this time of the year, highlights Iain Robertson, although Mr Clutch Autocentres has a cost-effective solution. It is that...

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Mr Clutch branch manager behind a desk in the reception area returning the car keys to a satisfied customer

How to maintain a car with budget in mind

The car maintenance business has been under fire recently, explains Iain Robertson, which is making car owners reluctant to book in their vehicles even for routine servicing and the reasons lie in excess jargon, poor explanations and unanticipated costs. What...

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Red warning triangle placed on a road in front of a family loading their car for a summer road trip

“We’re all going on a summer holiday!” but is your car ready for the trip?

Bags are packed, music is loaded, roof-rack is fitted…an increasing number of holidaymakers are taking road trips this year, reports journalist Iain Robertson, some with caravans, or trailers, in tow…then you remember the needs of your car. Preparing for the...

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Maximise your vehicle’s potential by exercising care to cut costs

We all need to address the financial ‘pinch’, not just in the run-up to and after the festive season, and motoring journalist, Iain Robertson, a several times winner of MPG awards, offers some practical advice to stretch out every mile...

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Pouring blue fluid into car engine

Checking the levels and being aware of the ‘MAX’

Ensuring that fluid levels are correct for the year-round reliability of your vehicle, motoring journalist Iain Robertson states that the only way to prevent a ruined summer holiday is to ensure that your car is in good health before going....

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Kids waving outside car window in summer

Have less stress and drive ‘easy’ this holiday!

It’s holiday time! The customary seasonal madness is happening right now, writes our motoring man, Iain Robertson, as he ponders over some practical, helpful hints to make your motoring vacation as problem-free as possible. Unless you catch a cab, have...

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Supercars rule! (in more ways than one)

Despite ‘Brexit’, despite fears of recession, new car registrations in the UK remain vibrant and, reports motoring journalist Iain Robertson, the sales here of the world’s most exotic cars are greater in numbers than ever. While ‘uncertainty’, both financially and...

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