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Peugeot 308 GTI

Peugeot 308 GTi

If you asked 100 people to name a car that qualified as a ‘hot hatch’, it’s a fair bet most would go for the Volkswagen Golf GTI. It’s been around for decades and is a badge that resonates even with...

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Honda Clarity

Honda Clarity

You will remember the first mobile phones, laughingly so large you couldn’t actually carry them at all. They would just about fit in a car and that was all. Today, they’re only the size they are so we don’t lose...

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Car battery

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Car Battery Stops

There are different types of maintenance and care that are expected with your vehicle. Your battery is one of the areas to watch to keep your car running. The battery is responsible for feeding the transmission and engine so your...

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Young couple in car

Running a car as a young driver

A car is unquestionably one of the most expensive things that you will pay as a young adult. The following is a list of primary costs that are involved in running your own car, as well as some tips on...

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Man handing over the keys to a car

Buying a Used Car

Dealers of second-hand cars have experienced a rough ride regarding their activity reports from the Office of Fair Trading. The watchdog discovered that one out of five people who purchased a used car from a car trader later on discovered...

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Mechanic servicing the underneath of a car

The Importance of a Complete Service History

It can be very disheartening to lose the service book of your car. That is why car owners are advised to keep their books in a safe place in order to avoid losing it. According to research, most people who...

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Check engine light

What Exactly Does the ‘Check Engine’ Light Mean?

If you have been driving for a while now, you may have experienced blinking ‘check engine’ lights, and admit it…you have tried ignoring it! Since you really don’t know what is going on and the car that you are driving...

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Overtaking on the motorway

How to Overtake Safely

When you cruise along single-lane roads in the United Kingdom, you will inevitably find yourself behind a much slower vehicle. Whether it is a heavy lorry having trouble going up a hill, a learner driver, a tractor moving at a...

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Wheel lock key

Keep Your Wheel Lock Key Safe

When you have gone the extra mile and added custom alloy wheels to your car, you want to ensure that they are safe from theft. An affordable way of keeping them safe is using a locking wheel nut. A regular...

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Cycling in London

Sharing the road

Whilst Britain is a lovely place to live, sometimes the roads can be a little bit chaotic to drive on. Especially for those who live in cities with cycling initiatives being pushed, it can become a bit chaotic in the...

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