Sharing the road

Cycling in London

Whilst Britain is a lovely place to live, sometimes the roads can be a little bit chaotic to drive on. Especially for those who live in cities with cycling initiatives being pushed, it can become a bit chaotic in the mornings when you are trying to get to work whilst cars and cyclists dodge each other all over the place.

Cyclists have a far greater risk than drivers, and both cyclists and motorists need to take responsibility for their own safety, but a few simple tips for both will make the roads safer for everyone.

We may each think we already know how to co-exist, but a little refresher is always helpful. So to ensure the roads are a safer place here are some basic tips to follow:

For Drivers

  1. Always check your mirrors for oncoming cyclists. Be prepared to look out for cyclists as the consequences of not paying attention can be fatal
  2. Don’t overtake a cyclist if you see that only narrow roads lie ahead – if you underestimate their speed you could be on course for a collision
  3. Always pass slowly!
  4. Remember Highway Code Rule 163 – “Give motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders at least as much room as you would when overtaking a car.”
  5. Check your blind spots constantly – you never know when a cyclist could be appearing
  6. Roundabouts should be dealt with cautiously – by law you must give way to the right and that includes cyclists.
  7. In wet weather conditions allow cyclists extra room as the roads can become very slippery

For Cyclists

  1. Ride single file
  2. Drivers don’t have 360 vision, so be aware of this and make sure that you take into account any blind spots that they may have that could dull their vision or make it harder to see you coming. It's quite often safer to hang back.
  3. Wear bright clothing – even during the day – and reflective clothing at night to make sure that you are noticed by any drivers who are coming along
  4. Wear a helmet
  5. The use of hand signals indicates your intentions and can let drivers know they can pass.
  6. Never ride through a red light
  7. Try to establish eye contact with drivers so you know that they have seen you