Don’t get caught out with faulty air-con this summer


When it was first introduced, having air conditioning in your car was seen to be a luxury option, only available to those paying a premium price tag. Times have changed though, and today air conditioning is seen as a standard requirement for most people looking to purchase a new car.

Having functioning air conditioning in your car is important all year round, but especially so during the summer months. As anybody with a car will be aware, during the summer it can get incredibly hot and stuffy inside your car, making for a very unpleasant driving experience. Air conditioning can help reduce the temperature inside the car by pumping in fresh air, allowing both you and your passengers to cool down.

It’s not just lowering temperatures inside your car that working air conditioning can help with though, hayfever sufferers can benefit as well. Many modern air conditioning units are now also fitted with pollen filters, meaning there’s much less chance of your summer car journeys being spoilt by constant sneezing!

Unfortunately, because air conditioning is now seen as a standard feature in modern cars, more and more people find themselves taking it for granted. People forget that air conditioning systems undergo wear and tear like any other car part, and require regular maintenance and servicing. It is recommended that your air conditioning is serviced and recharged at least once every two years, as often this does not form part of your standard car servicing.

If you ignore your air conditioning and don’t get it serviced, the system may start to deteriorate and become less efficient. You could also end up causing more substantial damage to the system, which could cost considerably more to fix than you would have spent on a simple service. 

At Mr Clutch we offer two levels of air conditioning service package – a simple air conditioning recharge, to make sure your system is working to full efficiency, and a comprehensive service, clean and recharge.

Don’t get caught out with faulty air-con this summer, come to Mr Clutch and make sure you’re staying cool!