The Great Britishness of tolerance

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Known around the world as a largely polite nation, writes motoring journalist Iain Robertson, it is true to suggest that we possess remarkably high levels of tolerance, when it comes to customer service from the retail industry..

In virtually any other civilised country, poor service is simply never put up with. The Americans will complain openly. The Germans will not settle the bill. The Italians would prefer a stand-up argument. Yet, in Britain, we might make gentle, out-of-earshot, grumbling noises around a table but, when asked if we enjoyed our meals, our customary response is, “Yes, thank you. Very tasty.” or a similar inoffensive retort.

Naturally, we might think twice about returning to such an establishment but I believe that we have all known friends and may have done it ourselves, in revisiting some truly shocking places, simply to see if ‘things have changed since the last time’. The problem is, they seldom do.

While our motorcars (and light vans) are often the second largest investment that we make in our lives, after buying a home, it can be amazing how tolerant we can be towards some garage services, even when it applies to new vehicles. Items of trim that are loose, a hiccup in the engine’s performance, gearbox stickiness and brakes pulling are common issues that we note mentally to inform the garage about, at the next service…yet, all too readily, we forget to do so.

It seems that the older our vehicles become, the less communicative we become about them, which can be unfortunate and might even compromise safety. It is rather too easy to make compensations for steering tug, or bouncy, worn dampers, rather than investigating the problems and resolving them.

The longer that unchallenged issues remain, the worse the problem can get and, often, the more costly can be the remedy. It is a situation about which Mr Clutch Autocentres are only too aware. However, the daily operation of any form of transport involves several aspects of spending money, from refilling the fuel tank and topping-up reservoirs, to replacing brake pads and exhaust pipe sections.

To retain dependability, you need a dependable supplier and one that will not tear off one of your limbs, to dig deeply into your purse, once the work is completed. Mr Clutch understands the complexities of the domestic budget and demonstrates it by pricing its services at the most affordable rates. Yet, of equal importance, it also appreciates the value of providing good service, both in terms of a comprehensive range of opportunities and in providing an empathetic response to customer needs.

It is for those reasons that Mr Clutch can boast a high level of customer retention, which is those clients that return, time after time, to have their vehicles maintained by people who truly care. There is no need to resort to ‘typical Britishness’ when dealing with Mr Clutch, as good service is central to its large range of services provided.