Vehicle’s air conditioning blowing hot? Here’s what to do…

A vehicle’s air conditioning recharge or regas connector showing the R1234YF gas type

Is Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Blowing Hot Air?

It’s that time of year again when the weather is heating up, so we turn to our air con for the first time in months and hope that it delivers that cool and refreshing blast… If instead you’re met with a wave of hot air, we can help!

Air Conditioning Recharge / Regas

If your air con is not blowing as cool as it used to, chances are all it needs is a simple air conditioning recharge (otherwise known as an air con regas). This is a routine procedure using specialist equipment during which a qualified technician will hook your vehicle up to a machine, which will check the current air con gas level and top it up to the required amount. Once done, your air con should be blowing cold again!

Which Air Conditioning Gas Type Does My Vehicle Require?

There are 2 different air con gases used in vehicles, and these are:

  • R134a – This gas is used in the majority of vehicles manufactured before 2013
  • R1234yf – This gas is used in the majority of vehicles manufactured after 2017, and is claimed to be much better for the environment than the older gas

If your vehicle was manufactured before or after the dates above, you can be pretty certain of the gas that your vehicle uses, so can book online at your nearest Mr Clutch Autocentre.

But what if your vehicle falls between the two dates? If you’re unsure which gas you require, you should check:

If recharging your air conditioning doesn’t work then you may have an issue with your air conditioning compressor, or a leak in the pipework, which would require further investigation. If this is the case, contact your local Mr Clutch Autocentre who will be happy to help you further.