Just a reminder but does your vehicle have a valid MOT certificate?

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Coinciding three years later with the three busiest periods for selling new cars in the UK, highlights Iain Robertson, the annual statement of roadworthiness (the MOT) may apply to your vehicle and Mr Clutch Autocentres is here to help with your needs.

There are three main aspects of owning and operating a vehicle in the UK that each of us must attend to on a regular basis, in order to be road-legal: insurance, road tax and the vehicle’s MOT. While the first two items can be both expensive and are not within the control of Mr Clutch Autocentres, we can not only help you to save expense with the MOT but we can also promise you the best value for money, with MOTs costing £25 or less at participating branches (RRP: £54.85).

Naturally, to qualify, your vehicle needs to have celebrated its third birthday and, while buying it a celebratory cake would be pushing out the boat, it would probably appreciate a freshly minted MOT Pass certificate instead. It becomes an annual activity thereafter. Not to hold a valid current MOT certificate makes both your insurance and road tax invalid, so it is important to remain ahead of the game and ensure that you obtain it, before the previous version runs out. Our online booking service allows you to do so in good time.

The reason we are reminding you now is that, traditionally, the two biggest new vehicle registration periods are in the months of April and September. Most new car buyers like either the freshest number-plates, or the attraction of an early in the year registration. As a result, we want to help and remind you that your MOT may be due and that you can book in your car easily using our online service.

For your added peace of mind, all of our MOT testing stations are staffed by fully-trained experts, certified by the government’s organising body, VOSA. In many of our outlets, we can carry out a full MOT within the allotted 45 minutes, which ensures that you are inconvenienced as little as possible.

Today’s MOT has changed to meet the advanced technology that features on an increasing number of vehicles and includes both exterior and interior checks, as well as under-bonnet and below the vehicle assessments. Checks are also made of its electronic features, to ensure that your vehicle meets the minimum safety requirements by law. Should your car fail its MOT, then our team can also carry out any essential repairs to ensure that it can pass an MOT Retest.

Of course, you can help a lot by ensuring that your vehicle is prepared for its MOT and a small amount of housekeeping should suffice. It should be presented in a clean state, especially on the inside, as our MOT staff will need to check that its safety equipment is working as it should be. Top up the windscreen washer bottle and any other visible fluid levels. Make sure that the windows are clean and free of obstructions, such as mobile-phone, or sat-nav holders.

At Mr Clutch Autocentres, we take your on-going safety and motoring enjoyment very seriously. However, we also place a high value on each and every one of our customers. Holding a valid MOT certificate is part of the ‘Holy Trinity’ of ‘must-haves’ to ensure that you are covered legally. If you need any further assistance, just check our online services.