Keep Your Wheel Lock Key Safe

Wheel lock key

When you have gone the extra mile and added custom alloy wheels to your car, you want to ensure that they are safe from theft. An affordable way of keeping them safe is using a locking wheel nut. A regular lug nut or wheel nut can be easily removed using a standard lug wrench. This means you could easily wake up to find that your car does not have any wheels. However, just by replacing a single lug nut in each of your wheels with the locking nut helps keep your wheels safe. This is because you will need to use a unique key to remove the final nut, thus stopping thieves quickly in their tracks.

The locking wheel nuts were made popular by car enthusiasts looking to protect their costly customised alloy wheels. It can be very expensive to get some nice custom rims for your car. Actually, there are some who pay over £1,000 to get some custom made rims. Hence, getting a cheap lock wheel nut was the obvious deterrent for most of these car enthusiasts. Today, many car manufactures are fitting the lock wheel nuts to their vehicles as standards in their production line.

The lock wheel nut uses a simple principle where each lock nut has a unique indent and matching key. This means the nut can only be accessed or removed once the key has been inserted. There are numerous key combinations and no two keys can open the same lock nut.

The same applies to you as the owner of the lock wheel nut, which is why you have to keep your key safe. If you happen to lose your key, it will prove somewhat difficult to change your wheels when you need to change your tyre. As a suggestion, you should always keep your lock wheel nut key in your car.

However, it should not be visible but hidden away in a place that only you as the owner can access. Remember that you will need the key when accessing your lock wheel nut. This could be when doing a service or simply replacing the tyres.

If you do lose your lock wheel key, you can buy it from your specific car manufacturer for roughly £30. The only catch is that you have to order in advance, which potentially affects your repair or maintenance efforts. Thus, keeping your key safe is essential to be able to handle any emergency.

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