Keeping Your Car Safe This Winter

Side view of a car driving on snow with the wheels and body covered in snow

Keeping Your Car Safe This Winter

Winter is just around the corner, and it’s more than just a change in temperature. During the colder months, driving can be a more dangerous task and one that uses up more of our focus and perception than driving during the other seasons.

But what makes it riskier and how can you stay safe as the winter draws closer? Thankfully, we have the perfect set of checks for your vehicle as well as all the advice you need to keep steady on the road and avoid dangerous situations while behind the wheel.

What Makes the Winter Dangerous?

The main thing with winter is the fact that it becomes darker earlier, and there is a noticeable change in the weather. It doesn’t just become colder, but also wetter, leading to slippery roads and poor visibility. Additionally, if it gets cold enough it can also cause ice and black ice on the road – a major cause of accidents as it is underestimated. 

Tackling the changing weather and new conditions successfully can only be done if your car is prepared to undertake the task at hand. This is why we provide a thorough winter safety check to keep your car running smoothly and to ensure it is ready to face the winter.

Breakdowns in Winter: Why Being Prepared Matters 

It may not come as a surprise to you that breakdowns are more common in winter than summer. After all, many people underestimate the power of the British winter and will neglect to prepare their cars to deal with the change in weather conditions and temperature. 

Here are some top winter breakdown statistics for you to consider:

  • 51% more likely to have battery problems in the winter 
  • 36% more flat tyre changes in winter 
  • 18% more likely for your car not to start in winter 

What Our Winter Safety Check Covers

When you come in for a winter safety check, it is to ensure that you and your vehicle are ready for winter. It covers 12 main checkpoints covering the main areas that are impacted by winter. They are as follows:

  • Battery and alternator test 
  • Fan belt checks
  • Exterior light checks 
  • Wiper blade checks 
  • Radiator anti-freeze level checks 
  • Engine oil level checks 
  • Tyre tread checks 
  • Fluid level checks for powered steering 
  • Tyre pressure top-up 
  • Brake fluid level checks 
  • Coolant leak inspection 
  • Screenwash top-up 

Book Now

To avoid disappointment and make sure you are as prepared as possible for the coming season, take the time to book your winter safety check online now. We are here and ready to ensure that your car is in the best possible condition before you start driving in the cold.

The statistics above alone are enough to show the importance of keeping your car well-maintained throughout the year. Our winters might not be as aggressive as other parts of the world, but they still have an impact on motor health!

Book your winter safety check today!