Never forget why Mr Clutch exists in the first place

Mr Clutch 40th Birthday Celebration Banner

Having grown to provide a range of services that is totally customer-focused is the life-blood of Mr Clutch Autocentres, highlights motoring journalist Iain Robertson, which might never have happened had the company not possessed its initial drive.

Forty years ago, two brothers, Joe and Will Yussuf, opened their first branch of Mr Clutch, in Bow, East London. It started, as the company’s name suggests, by resolving motoring problems related to one of the most important components of a vehicle’s drive-train, its clutch. The brothers had left school aged 15 years, without formal qualifications. Younger brother, Sef, who now manages the business day-to-day, joined them at weekends and school holidays.

As with many vital parts of a motorcar, the clutch is seldom seen and seldom heard, until something goes wrong. However, the founding principle behind the company lay in its service quality and ensuring that the motorist would be as inconvenienced as little as possible, perhaps even by providing free support on occasions. Even as the company diversified into a one-stop-shop for vehicle repairs and services, to become Mr Clutch Autocentres (, in response to its customer demands, it never lost sight of its family-orientated intentions and the main reason it exists.

From the moment any of us learns how to drive, we are affected by the performance of our vehicle’s clutch. With the clutch pedal depressed, the drive from the running engine to the driven wheels is disengaged. However, select a gear and raise your clutch foot progressively, while also raising the engine speed gently, and the clutch engages and enables vehicle movement.

Clutch operation is a combination of actions, not dissimilar to the Yussuf brothers engaging with their customers and moving their business forwards. Forty years later, the company now boasts 46 Mr Clutch Autocentres in the UK, seven of which are in Kent, where the company headquarters has been located since 1990.

When a clutch starts to slip, often accompanied by an increase in noise levels, it is advisable to have it attended to by a specialist and Mr Clutch Autocentres provide those essential services. While simple adjustment may sort out the problem, sometimes a clutch replacement is needed ( Yet, the company’s nationwide network of Autocentres is geared-up to providing a check-up. Should any work be required, the company’s skilled technicians will inform you of it. It always pays to check.

As the UK’s leading clutch specialist that has invested in the latest technology to ensure that you are inconvenienced as little as possible, Mr Clutch Autocentres can repair and replace clutches faster and more economically than anyone. In fact, having pioneered the up-to-two years, or 20,000 miles, warranty on its leading branded replacements, no matter where you travel in the UK, Mr Clutch Autocentres can provide help and support.

As a celebratory gift to its customers, over the weekend 26th to 29th October 2018, a £40 saving off a full-priced Full, or Major, Service booking will be provided at participating branches. For full details, and to take advantage of this offer, just visit

While Mr Clutch Autocentres is celebrating its Ruby Anniversary, which is a ‘coming of age’ in many respects, do pop into your local branch (do not pop the balloons but enjoy the chocolates) and wish it a Happy Birthday. You will discover its gem-like qualities for yourself.