Winter places our vehicle’s components under intense pressure

Car with headlights on driving on heavy, snowing condition

Whether it be lighting, the air-conditioning system, or the electrical components, the number of vehicle failures grows out of proportion at this time of the year, highlights Iain Robertson, although Mr Clutch Autocentres has a cost-effective solution.

It is that time of the year, when being seen clearly has equal importance to seeing clearly. Our cars’ headlights are placed under additional stress, through being used more frequently than in summer. This can lead to filament failures in bulbs, or reduced illumination in the gas-discharge type of lights. It is worth highlighting that complete failures break the law and could mean that you are stopped by the police and even fined.

If you are in any doubt about the quality of your car’s lighting, which is vital to ensuring that you and your passengers are as safe as they can be, then paying a visit to your local Mr Clutch Autocentre will be a positive decision. While you are there, you might consider the cost-effective Winter Safety Check (£19.99, A 12-Point comprehensive inspection, it not only involves a wiper and screen washer system check, topping it up as necessary, but also checks tyre pressures and tread depths, valuable in inclement weather, and even power steering fluid levels.

After the summer’s pollen count hit a 12 year high between late-March and early-September, you may not be aware that ‘seasonal coughs and colds’ can be started by a dirty pollen filter in your car’s air-conditioning system. Cabin filters, also known as ‘pollen filters’, prevent a variety of particulates from entering a vehicle’s interior. This ranges from seeds and leaves to smaller particles, including pollen, dust and soot. More advanced pollen filters contain activated carbon ingredients that absorb bacteria and other pollutants, such as those from vehicle exhausts.

The cabin filter should be replaced annually, or every 12,000 miles, reducing the risk of the filter blocking, which could cause allergens to be blasted at vehicle occupants. It is very tempting for car owners to skimp on this maintenance activity. Thankfully, new filters are not expensive, with carbon activated alternatives costing a little more. Having a filter replaced before springtime also ensures that hay fever sufferers are prepared for the return of better weather, even though it may seem a long way off. Contact Mr Clutch Autocentres, which can carry out filter changes and recharging of the air-con system, if it needs it ( While this is not part of the 12-Point Winter Check, it is worth remembering, as it can affect the health and well-being of you and your passengers.

Of course, it is never too late to book in your car for a Mr Clutch Autocentres Winter Check. Switching on the heated rear screen, or even a heated front screen on some vehicles, using the foglamps and other electrical devices in the car, put a huge drain on its battery and recharging system. Fortunately, a useful aspect of the 12-Point Winter Check is a battery and alternator condition test, which can stop you calling-out the emergency motoring services. Ensuring that the car’s electrical system is in tip-top condition can reduce seasonal headaches considerably.

The Winter Check also involves the fan-belt condition, brake fluid levels, antifreeze levels in the coolant system and ensuring that it is not leaking. There are no additional charges for minor fluid top-ups but the Winter Check serves purpose as a broad means of providing additional assurance about the workings of your car.

Book your Winter Safety Check at your local branch for only £19.99 today!