How to choose the right tyres

Old rusting tyres in the desert

Choosing the right tyre for your car can be difficult and confusing. Everybody has different needs and requirements, which means that a tyre solution for one person may differ from another. This short guide highlights budget, mid range and high performance tyres and assesses which category of tyre is the most suitable given the requirements.

These low cost tyres are a popular choice for vehicles that do a low mileage. They are designed for slower speeds and urban settings and are best suited for second cars or “runabouts” where long distances are a rarity. If you undertake regular motorway journeys or drive on rough terrain such as country lanes the life and performance of a budget tyre will be very low. A budget tyre may be roadworthy however they lack durability when placed in comparison to higher end tyres on the market.

There is no question that a budget tyre is a lot safer and better than a rundown high-end tyre. If you cannot afford a high performance tyre when you get an advisory on your MOT replacing with a budget tyre for a short period is highly recommended. Many people choose to keep budget tyres as a replacement or spare. Budget tyres are generally good for value but are not suited for long trips. A budget tyre has an average life of around 7000 miles.

Our recommendation as the best value budget tyres are;


Mid Range Tyres

These tyres are a very popular choice and are categorised in the centre between high end and budget. They pose many structural improvements over budget tyres and are recommended for general use. They provide a variety of perks such as higher fuel efficiency and overall life when compared to budget tyres. These are the ideal solution if premium tyres are out of your budget, as they are proven to have a long life span.

Although these tyres are not as highly constructed as premium tyres, you can appreciate the technology that has been put into them. These tyres are well suited for all general uses and beyond.

Our recommendation as the best value Mid-Range tyres are;

General Tyres

Toyo Tyres

Premium Range Tyres

These tyres offer the ultimate driving experience and last around 20,000 miles, which is nearly three times more than budget tyres. This high performing tyre may seem expensive but is true value for what you get. Premium range tyres are made from the finest materials and manufacturing methods. These premium tyres rely on heavy research to maximize their performance. This research enables them to handle better in harsh weather conditions, which makes them the safest tyre available. Not only that, high end tyres are designed to produce lower noise levels and are improved on stopping distances. The science behind premium tyre technology enables them to be more fuel-efficient. They are also designed to provide more grip on the road. All in all, premium tyres are proven to be the most durable, whilst remaining safe.

Our recommendation as the best value premium tyres are;


It is important to note that all tyres sold legally in the UK have to meet strict standards on safety. This means that all legally sold tyres, including budget tyres, are still safe however budget tyres may not last as long as their high end alternatives. In some cases, higher end tyres may prove to be more cost effective due to their increase in durability.

If you are looking to bench mark performances for each model of tyre there is a great resource to be found at

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