Supercars rule! (in more ways than one)


Despite ‘Brexit’, despite fears of recession, new car registrations in the UK remain vibrant and, reports motoring journalist Iain Robertson, the sales here of the world’s most exotic cars are greater in numbers than ever.

While ‘uncertainty’, both financially and politically, is being talked about increasingly, nothing seems to be stopping the rollercoaster peaks around the new car market in Great Britain. Interestingly, SUVs, nowadays available extensively in both two, as well as four-wheel-drive forms, are more popular than at any time in the past.

However, as the poster-covered bedroom walls of many teenagers will attest to, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Maserati, Porsche, Audi, Bentley and myriad specialist manufacturers, like Tesla, Pagani and even Lotus, have been experiencing unprecedented growth in sales. It seems that we all love and admire vehicles that are described as ‘supercars’.

Of course, affording one is a different matter altogether, with many of them boasting price tags well in excess of £100,000. Living with a supercar also demands a super salary. While some mainstream cars may need a service only every 20,000 miles, a supercar will need attention every 3-5,000 miles and even a basic oil-change might cost upwards of £300.

Although the technicians at Mr Clutch are skilled enough to carry out maintenance on supercars, it is inevitable that the more average class of vehicle constitutes 99% of Mr Clutch’s business spread. Yet, it is fair to state that, whether you drive a Fiat Punto, rather than a Ferrari 488, or a Skoda Fabia, rather than an Audi R8, you will receive supercar treatment from any Mr Clutch Autocentre.

You might even afford to own a yacht in Monaco Harbour, when you have your car serviced at Mr Clutch, where an oil and filter change costs from just £44.95 (up to 1.3-litre engine capacity), while a comprehensive service, including an MOT Test, costs from just £189.95, on the company’s menu pricing system. The key to dealing with Mr Clutch lies in its supply of only the highest quality parts and labour charges that remain affordable, yet are delivered with a seal of guaranteed high quality.

If you desire the ‘glass and chrome’ appearance of some vehicle maintenance centres but your budget is more dinghy in Poole Harbour, a visit to a Mr Clutch Autocentre can be not only eye-openingly satisfying but can also avoid wallet-emptying despair. Mr Clutch’s technicians are skilled in handling the majority of vehicles’ repair and servicing issues but, above all, they treat the customer specially, with a warm welcome and providing information, as they need to.

You see, you do not need to covet a supercar, when Mr Clutch can turn your personal vehicle into a ‘supercar’. Your vehicle will respond more precisely, deliver better fuel economy and make you feel like a supercar driver, once a full service has been carried out. Commit to Mr Clutch and you might be able to afford an outboard for your pleasure boat, with the cash you will save!