Summer tyre change is not change for change’s sake

Mechanic wheeling away a tyre in a workshop

With summer holidays pending, many of which will place a high reliance on your motor vehicle, writes Iain Robertson, you have a perfect opportunity to take a closer look at its tyres for both wear and possible damage; better to be safe than sorry.

It is very easy to think that all we do is harp on about safety but, as it is intrinsic to every activity carried out at a Mr Clutch Autocentre, it is as much a component part of our DNA, as providing all of our customers that vital blend of value for money and true customer service. When you think about tyres, for the vast majority of four-wheeled vehicles that means a footprint of little bigger than a postcard at each corner that provides comfort, grip, control, efficiency, economy and your safety. Yet, we rarely give them a thought, until an emergency arises.

Tyres are wondrous things. Produced from a cocktail of natural and man-made products, they are manufactured to the highest possible standards. The rubber content that is the largest component in most of them is a truly resilient material that can tolerate bumps and knocks on a daily basis. It is strengthened by bands of steel wire and other materials and, in most cases, will provide total support for well over 30,000-miles per set.

However, if we all drove on snooker table surfaces, both wear and damage rates would be minimal. Sadly, our roads are not smooth. Our vehicle’s tyres are forced to endure potholes, clashes with kerbs, salt damage and mechanical aspects, such as tracking that might be out of alignment. They go through hell on a daily basis but it is not just the tyres on our cars, as trailers and caravans, some of which may be stood for months on end, also incur wear issues.

Even if your tyres do not need to be replaced, it will be worth asking to give them ‘the once-over’, next time you visit a Mr Clutch Autocentre, especially with motoring holidays in mind. The sometimes shockingly poor condition of our roads can inflict untold damage on the parts of the tyre that you cannot see normally that may also involve further damage to a wheel-rim. If your car has struck a pothole accidentally, the damage to the tyre’s construction alone can be enough to render it unsafe. As stated earlier, it is better to be safe, than sorry.

There are some key points to bear in mind:

  • All motorists need to be aware of their legal responsibility for their vehicle’s tyres to have more than 1.6mm tread depth across the central 34 of each of them. Your vehicle would fail its MOT, if it were less.
  • Check your tyre pressures regularly, adjusting them according to changes in load.
  • Check for uneven wear, which can be as a result of the wrong tyre pressure, misalignment of the wheels, or because a tyre has reached the end of its life.

At Mr Clutch Autocentres, we maintain our best value promise to you. If you are a Privilege Card holder, we shall check your tyres free of charge and re-inflate them to the correct air pressures as often as you desire. Yet, buying replacement tyres at a Mr Clutch Autocentre can also be a cost-effective exercise, and we carry stocks of all the best-known brands and sizes, some of which may also carry our ‘lifetime guarantee’.

When you consider how much work the average vehicle tyre has to do in its lifetime, being more aware of its condition will always be a major contribution to the safety of both you and your passengers, let alone other road-users. Book now for an appointment and let your Mr Clutch Autocentre relieve you of some of the pressures related to tyres and consider it as part of our safety commitment to our customers.