Summer is coming, recharge your air conditioning

Everyone’s gassing about air conditioning in warmer spring weather

There was a time, when air conditioning and climate control within a car was considered to be the height of luxury, although Iain Robertson suggests it is more of a lifestyle essential these days and that it needs to be serviced regularly.

Global warming, whether just a cyclical occurrence, or as David Attenborough insists, is a result of ‘improved’ living standards, has ensured that our desire and need to maintain a more chilled in-car environment is at a peak. Driving around in a warm car may be preferable on a winter’s day but a cooler cabin can ensure higher levels of attention, because too much heat can make you feel very sleepy, especially on those warmer days.

Circulating fresh air is always the preferred option but a vehicle equipped with air conditioning, or a climate control system, can also keep your windows clear of winter condensation, while it has the additional benefit of filtering out the tiny particulates and pollution that exist in our atmosphere and might have a negative impact on our health. Of course, any aspect of filtration means that an element of the system will require cleaning at some point.

As an air conditioning system incurs wear and tear, not least from a gradual loss of the environmentally sound gas that circulates it, not many people appreciate that a system recharge is recommended at least once every two years. Doing so, with a choice of two services available at a Mr Clutch Autocentre, can either replenish the gas, or clean-up the system.

An increasing number of vehicles now have air conditioning fitted to them, which makes it surprising that an ‘air-con service’ is not part of the manufacturers’ scheduled maintenance. Fortunately, Mr Clutch Autocentres knows that maintaining the optimum performance of the vehicle’s air-con is as essential as carrying out regular servicing on its engine, or gearbox.

While there is a small number of vehicles that we cannot recharge, for the rest a fixed price air conditioning regassing service costs only £57.95. You may have noticed that your vehicle’s interior does not cool down adequately, which is a situation that an authorised Mr Clutch Autocentre can resolve readily. While there are some DIY kits available, they are not renowned for their safety and allowing air-con gas to escape into the atmosphere is just a waste.

If a more comprehensive Air-Con Regas & Clean is required, your local Mr Clutch Autocentre can carry it out for you for only £69.95. If you check online, you can locate our most appropriate Mr Clutch Autocentre to meet your needs and even make a booking for the service. For the sake of your good health and that of your passengers, an air-con service is not a luxury but is an essential safeguard. Once cleaned and recharged, the interior comfort levels will improve significantly and will ensure that you stay cool in the coming months.