The Ides of March: Time to Check Your MOT

Mechanic holding a clipboard with a pen, checking and servicing a balck car on an MOT ramp

Spring is here, and while it is traditionally a time for cleaning the home, why not the car as well? An MOT is the perfect way to get started, and something we have to do every year. But why is March such an important time to start talking about MOTs, and how do you know yours is even due? Well, we’re here to take you through everything you need to know to ensure your car is safe, functioning, and fully roadworthy. 

Why is March So Important for MOTs? 

New car registrations are released in March every year, and they are valid with no MOT for the first three years of their life. Once that time is up, you need to get down to the MOT centre and have everything checked out. This is why March is such an important MOT month; it’s just that time of year for new (and even older) vehicles.

Checking Your MOT is Due 

It’s important to check when your MOT is due so that you are always on top of things and don’t run the risk of driving a car that isn’t deemed to be road safe. Scrambling through paperwork can be frustrating and time-consuming, which is why we created the handy MOT checker. You can use it on our website, and all you need to do is enter a few details to get your car’s due date. Then, you can book with us and add it to your calendar. 

Preventable Failures for Your MOT

We’ve all experienced the MOT failure. It’s frustrating, upsetting, and can leave us out of pocket. However, there are a few failures that are completely preventable if we are careful and check things out ourselves. Here’s a quick list for you to keep in mind:

  • Bulbs. These are simple to check, and you can replace them yourself quite easily. 
  • Wipers. Another very easy one that can be cheaply fixed and replaced by you. 
  • Tyres. Get these checked and replaced regularly. They are a common reason for failure. 
  • Rear-View Mirror. If it is not correctly adjusted, it will be classed as a failure. 
  • Seats. You must be able to adjust them correctly for the safety of the driver. 
  • Registration. So many people have and use illegal plates. Stick with the legal ones to pass. 
  • Stickers. These are fine on your car as long as they aren’t obstructive, like on the windscreen.
  • Doors. Make sure these open and close with ease and don’t get jammed. Same for the boot. 
  • Exhaust. A noisy exhaust will mean failure, so get this checked and fixed before your MOT.
  • Horns. These must be loud enough to be heard without being deafening and continuous. 
  • Fuel System. Check for loose and faulty caps as well as leaks, and ensure they get fixed. 

Booking an MOT and Service 

You can book an MOT with us for £25 or less at participating branches. It’s a great deal, and the best part is that you can also throw a service in there too. It means that you only have one date to remember each year, and your vehicle gets a thorough check and go-over. In addition to this, when you book an MOT and a service together, the price of the MOT will drop down to an excellent and affordable £15. Keep your car road safe, come and book your MOT and service today.