MOT season is almost upon us

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Ever since Mr Clutch Autocentres started in business forty years ago, the months of March and April have been our busiest for MOTs, writes Iain Robertson, and we want you to take advantage of our blend of cost-effective servicing and our traditionally low-cost MOT Test.

Just like the TV Licence, vehicle insurance and utilities’ bills, as soon as your vehicle reaches its third birthday, another annual bill commences and requires that it passes a ‘roadworthiness’ test. It also covers things like exhaust emissions and broader safety issues and applies to any vehicles used on British roads, as defined by the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Although the name originates from an earlier time, when today’s Department for Transport (DfT) was known as The Ministry of Transport (MoT), the three initials have remained. In fact, the MOT business is governed these days by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and both the test and its pass certificate are known simply as MOT.

Of course, Mr Clutch Autocentres is an authorised MOT test station alongside over 20,000 other garages in the UK that employ around 53,000 qualified testers in total. When the MOT was introduced in 1960, the first time a car needed to be checked was on its tenth birthday and every year thereafter. Originally, it cost 70p for the test and 5p for the certificate.

However, by the end of 1962, a reported high failure rate led to the first test being required at seven years instead. It was revised again in 1967 to the car’s third birthday and each year thereafter, as it is today, although ambulances, taxis and vehicles with seats for more than eight occupants have needed an annual MOT since 1st January 1983. The test itself has been made more stringent over the years. While a fee system exists for the several different classes of motorised transport, the largest one for cars and light vans is pegged at a maximum fee of £54.85. It is illegal to drive a non-exempt vehicle that requires a test on British public roads, without a valid MOT.

The great news is that an MOT carried out at a Mr Clutch Autocentre costs a mere £24.00 at participating branches ( To have your car tested can take as little as 45 minutes and you can book it online as soon as you know that its MOT is due (

Naturally, cars that are serviced regularly should be able to pass the MOT, when it is due, without problems. Yet, if you wish to make sure that it does, you can save upwards of 60% off regular garage servicing costs by having it completed at a Mr Clutch Autocentre ( We have a menu servicing programme that can save you even more money by having a major service and MOT together.

Keeping your car in good order can result in better fuel economy, higher safety and lower running costs throughout the year. Keeping your car within legal MOT requirements, with regular maintenance carried out, at a Mr Clutch Autocentre, helps you to plan your budget more effectively and also provides you with greater peace of mind. To kickstart the savings for your annual motoring, book your car in now by visiting our website (