Spring Clean Car Maintenance

It’s time for your vehicle’s ‘spring clean’;  let Mr Clutch Autocentres help you.

The daffodils are in bloom, the days are longer and the weather is improving; all signs that we need to spend some time and effort on our vehicles, writes Iain Robertson, especially with the family’s Easter break on our doorsteps.

The seasonal tradition of cranking open the doors and windows at home, to welcome in fresh spring air and a season of rebirth is well established. It is also a great time to do the same with the family car. Give it a thorough wash, vacuum the interior and apply a lick of polish. You will be surprised at how refreshed it and you will feel. It is always worth the effort.

With the Easter holidays upon us, a great many motorists will be taking to our highways and byways, whisking the family to the coast, or the cottage in the countryside for what might be a first non-work trip of the year. Unfortunately, getting caught in a traffic hold-up, however much you might try to avoid it, is a virtual probability.

Having spruced up the car, it will be worth planning for your trip. This presents a great opportunity to take advantage of a money-saving 10-Point Spring Safety Check at your local Mr Clutch Autocentre (mrclutch.com/spring-safety-check).

Our vehicles endure a lot over the winter months and pothole damage is a common discovery these days. If you want to avoid emptying the boot on the hard shoulder to fit the spare after incurring a puncture, this cost-effective type of preventative maintenance will be most practical. While your car may be running well enough for the daily commute, longer holiday trips also place its components under greater stresses. If the brake fluid level is low, it makes safety sense to have it checked and the 10-Point Spring Safety Check at your Mr Clutch Autocentre offers that £19.99 service (mrclutch.com/spring-safety-check).

Other aspects covered by its 10-Points include: a battery and alternator test, all exterior lights, tyre tread depth check (including air pressure top-up to correct levels), checking for coolant leaks and the fan belt, checking both oil and power steering levels and also the condition of the windscreen wipers. If any wear and tear is discovered, it can be remedied speedily by your Mr Clutch Autocentre technician.

If you have already followed our advice to have the vehicle’s MOT carried out, perhaps an interim vehicle service, which can save you up to 60% off main dealer rates, will be worth the investment. Should your car require an oil and filter change, prices start from as little as £49.95, but you can upgrade to an interim service that also provides a comprehensive levels top-up and safety check, which includes the gearbox, power steering, lighting, the washers and wipers and exhaust system. Representing excellent value for money, it can provide valuable peace of mind and ensures that your Easter holiday progresses without an upsetting breakdown (mrclutch.com/car-servicing).

We do rely on our vehicles, which may also include a trailer, or caravan, that is being used for the first time in several months. You can request that the Mr Clutch Autocentre technician inspects its tyres and running gear, in advance of any planned excursions. Booking it in, using our convenient online service, can save you an additional 5% off the servicing costs and at a time that also suits your needs (mrclutch.com/car-servicing).

Let Mr Clutch Autocentres help you to make the most of your Easter break, by ensuring that break means holiday and not a prelude to a break-down (mrclutch.com/spring-safety-check).